St Augustine, FL

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Our last stop on this tour was St Augustine, Florida.  It felt strange being back in Florida.  It was like I forgot that all the plants and foliage was so vastly different than up north, and they grow in sand, not soil.

We had a quick trolley ride around the historic part of the city.  First we drove by the Fountain of Youth.  However, we didn’t stop and partake of the water, so we’re all still looking tired and exhausted and old.

The Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park in Saint Augustine, Florida.

There were some really ornate buildings in St Augustine.  Here was just one of the churches.  The trolley was traveling a little to quickly to take any decent photos of the others.  And after a while, they all start looking the same, like fancy churches.

Memorial Presbyterian Church, St Augustine, FL

Lots of the buildings were somehow related to Henry Flagler.

This was originally known as the Ponce de Leon Hotel and is now Flagler College.

Next on the agenda was the Saint Augustine Lighthouse.

It looks like the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, only smaller.  Several members of our group climbed the 219 stairs.  I wanted to save my knees for another day.

After the lighthouse, we went to St George Street, a pedestrian only street.  There are lots of historical building there, like the oldest wooden school house in the US.

Most of the building were shops and restaurants.

We all met at the Columbia Restaurant for our official Goodbye Lunch. The Fantasy Ambassadors gave us little gifts, we gave them big gifts (i.e. tips).  And we all discussed where we were going next.

Someone saved tickets, armbands and postcards from every stop we made.

After lunch, I packed up and drove back up to Savannah, Georgia.  I drove the rest of the way home the next day.

Here is what my route looked like with all the stops.  I drove a total of 3,165 miles.

I’m glad to be home.  I gave everyone a hug, including the dog, then took a hot bath in my big bathtub and stretched out on my queen-sized bed.



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