Birds, Babies, Bros

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I started this trip with a quick visit to my brothers up near Erie, PA. They are such handsome guys and so nice and helpful.  They fixed me up with some planks to help level my RV when I’m out of balance.

I am so lucky – I got to meet my new grand-nephew! He is only 2 weeks old, so slept most of the time.  I’m so blessed to be able to hold such a small and precious thing and smell that new baby smell.

My brothers live way out in the country, so for this trip, I was entertained by watching lots of birds.  When I first pulled into the driveway, I laughed watching a killdeer faking a wing injury to try and divert my RV away from her eggs in the driveway.  Later we watched a crow walk up the driveway like a little old man, bound and determined to find those eggs.  Three killdeer tried the broken wing trick and a red-winged blackbird joined by dive-bombing the crow.  He would not leave until Jim went out and chased him off – several times.

Then from the kitchen window, I enjoyed watching a bully of a hummingbird chase off any other hummingbirds from the feeder.

At night we sat around the fire pit out back and watched the purple martins soaring high then dive into their gourd houses.

Now I’m off to join my tour group up in Montreal.

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