Cowboys and Marilyn

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Yesterday’s drive was from Sayre on the west side of Oklahoma to Cheotah on the east side, with Oklahoma City in the middle.  There was a number of places I could stop, but as one of my friends on the caravan said, I’m just museum-ed out.  I chose the American Homing Pigeon Museum because it sounded so different and had live birds.  However, when I arrived, it was closed.  So I settled on the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum because it was only a couple of miles away from where I stopped.

I was pleasantly surprised that most of the museum was art.  They had our buddy Charlie Russell, plus lots of other artists like Remington, who specialized in cowboys and Western scenery, .

This is Smoke Talk by Charles Russell, 1924 showing how the Indians used smoke signals to send messages.
Here is Charlie being whimsical again with “One of the Little People Painting Insects”, 1916.
They had cowboy stuff, like this display of brands.
A display of Clothing of the Working Cowboy.
One of the special displays was of cowboy movie stars.

Today I drove to Little Rock, Arkansas to visit with my friend Marilyn who I met on my last caravan to New England.

Me and Marilyn on the bank of the Arkansas River.
This is the view out the back of my RV at Maumelle on the Arkansas River. It’s so nice to see grass, trees and water after 2 weeks of desert.
Since it was Little Rock, she took me to the Clinton Presidential Center.
They had an exact replica of the Oval Office when he was President.
And a replica of the Cabinet Meeting Room.
There was some quirky stuff, like showing how he played the sax on TV.
And his collection of saxes.
And they had stuff that seemed totally unrelated, like the actual couch used in the coffee shop on the set of Friends.

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