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We are in Metis-su-Mar, Quebec, about 300 km northeast of Quebec City along the St. Lawrence River. Jardins de Metis/Reford Gardens is on the schedule for today. The morning mist and fog was predicted to slowly dissipate so Bill, Kim and I decided to ride our bicycles the 6 miles to the Gardens.

Brave souls are we.  But the main road had a good, clean berm to ride on, and a little side road partway.

Normally it’s about $20 admission to the gardens, but today was a free Sunday because the blue poppies where in bloom. The parking lot was full. I’m not sure where all these people are coming from because we seem to be in the middle of nowhere with nothing but large farms around and a few small cottages along the river. There are town names, but no stores or restaurants, just gatherings of a few houses.

Blue Poppies. I’ve never seen or heard of them.

Here are a few more flower photos.

Delphiniums and poppies.
Roses and a little bit of everything.
There was an International Exhibit of lawn sculptures. For this one, they planted sunflowers so that they would grow upside down out of that hole in the bottom.

The scenery along the river where we were biking is getting very pretty.

This is low tide. At high tide that tree is on an island.
There seems to a little lighthouse in nearly every town we pass though. This one was privately owned and not open to the public.

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