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We are camping in a town called Cap-aux-O’s, just outside the Forillon National Park in Gaspe Bay, Quebec, Canada.  Here’s a map to give you an idea of how far out-there/up-there I am.

The land has turned from flat farm land to mountains.  And the water is no longer a flowing river but the ocean with deep blue water and waves.  The ride along the coast reminded me of the Oregon coast with cliffs that drop into the ocean and lots of rocks.

The drive was especially hard going up and down steep hills with sharp curves everywhere, especially at the bottom of the hill.  Or I would be driving up a hill and seeing nothing but water on the other side.  This road sign describes the drive exactly.

Big surprise on the other side of the hill.

There are little waterfalls everywhere along the road, as well as churches and lighthouses.  But seemingly, no gas stations.

Le Voile de la Mariee

We decided to use the bicycles again to explore the Forillon National Park.  The map said it was only 2-3 km to the park and along the shoreline – can’t be too bad, huh?  What it failed to tell us was how hilly it would be.

Bill and Kim, on one of the few flat parts of the ride.

We made it as far as Grande-Grave, an old historic fishing village within the Park.

Hyman’s Store
They sold toilet paper, but it was very expensive and only for special guests.
Traps and buckets and lanterns.

This is the view from that village.  This area is known for it’s whale watching.  Just like the moose, I didn’t see any, but there are plenty of whale watching boats that will find some for you.

The view from the south end of the national park and historic fishing village of Grande-Grave.

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