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Corolla, NC

It’s been a few days, so it’s time to catch up.  On the last day in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, we took an optional trip to see the wild horses of Corolla.  The horses are descendants of Spanish mustangs of the 1500’s, probably survivors of shipwrecks off the islands.  The horses are in an area north of Corolla.  They are kept in this area with a fence, even on the beach, to keep them from wandering any further south.

We boarded 14 to a Hummer and rode north in search of wild horses.
This area has the same beach houses you see all along the Outer Banks, however, it doesn’t have paved, or even gravel road. You need a 4×4 to travel these “roads”. Sometimes the roads were straight and flat, like this one.  Many times they were not and we were jostled back and forth and up and down climbing the dunes.
When I hear of wild horses, I think of horses running in an open field or on the beach, manes and tails flying in the wind.  Right?
No.  This is essentially what we saw… horses hanging out in garages trying to get out of the sun.
Sometimes we were lucky and saw one on the move, probably to a different garage.
Or sometimes we were given an explanation for the white spots on the tops of the horses.

This is just my opinion, but I wasn’t impressed with this area of Corolla with the wild horses.  You may think it sounds wild and remote because it has no roads, however, they use the beach as a road.  The beach was a very busy highway with at least 3 or more companies running these 2 hour tours 3 times a day throughout these neighborhoods.  Plus there was the traffic of the people staying in these cottages.  Add to that construction traffic for new builds and dump trucks with sand from who knows where, and other people doing a DIY tour or coming just to fish.  There are no lanes and the drivers only loosely stayed to the right side and felt free to pass at any time.  It was also a dodge-em course with all the fisherman parked on the beach.  God forbid if you wanted to go down to the beach with a chair, your kids or a dog.

Myrtle Beach, SC

If you thought the Outer Banks were commercialized, then South Carolina takes it to an all new level.  We are in an RV campground right along the main strip near shops, miniature golf, and restaurants.  No beach access though.

But hey! I’ve finally have decent cell phone coverage. This is the view out my front window.

We have lots of free time here with the only organized activity being a dinner at the Chestnut Hill Restaurant and a show at the Alabama Theatre.

I wonder why they call it the Alabama Theatre when it’s in South Carolina.

We watched Iconic, the show they play when there isn’t a special guest (tomorrow is Lee Greenwood, next week it’s Jay Leno).  Iconic is singers and dancers doing a little bit of everything – rock, country, Broadway.

This is almost a classical number. That “hat” you see in the foreground was actually the headrest of a wheelchair.
I liked these costumes for their Little Mermaid songs.
They had a little beach music, since we’re at the beach.
Most of the dancers could also do tumbling and gymnastics.
They ended the show wishing us a Lovely Day.

I have another free day here in Myrtle Beach.  I’m waiting for the rain to stop and will ride my bicycle over to Barefoot Landing later today to do some souvenir/Christmas shopping.

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